1,000+ Things to Do in San Francisco (and the Bay Area)

1000+ Things to Do and Enjoy
in San Francisco

& the Bay Area

Out of town guests are arriving, the kids are hungry, the dog is restless, or you are just lying on the couch reading email and need something to motivate you to get up and out of the house. Without further ado, we give you endless options for dinner, brunch, burritos, burgers, desserts, bars, music, dance, theater, walking, biking, hiking, and things to do with visitors, children and dogs.

Food and Drink

Out and About

Arts and Entertainment

Arts & Events
Places to Dance
Best Jazz Clubs
Stand-Up Comedy

Note: You will undoubtedly find yourself disagreeing vehemently with one or more of the above lists: best burrito, brunch and dive bar are particularly contentious, ferociously disputed issues in the Bay Area. We hope you will accept our apologies for any egregious errors. 

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